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New Standard in Massage Excellence.
The benefits of massage dates back thousands of years. It is one of the best kept secrets for a healthy life style. Massage is part of how you keep yourself healthy, both mentally and physically. The benefits are plenty…
Pain Relief
Reduces Stress and Fatigue
Boost Immunity Levels
Enhances Sleep Quality
Improves Concentration
Decreases Anxiety
These are just a few good reasons to add massage into your health regime.
Massage helps mitigate pain from past injuries, manage chronic diseases and keeps the body in the best condition. Massage is no longer a luxury rather a needed service to maintain optimal health.  Read more...

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Rid Yourself of Unwanted Toxins! Detoxing Your Body and Mind...

Detox… It is a word that we all hear pretty regularly these days. But what exactly is it? How and why do we detox? What is its purpose? When you think of detoxing you probably think of some crazy celebrity fad diet regime. While to some extent this may be true, detoxing isn’t just for shedding off those extra few pounds before your big premiere. There are a ton of other health benefits that most people don’t even realize!
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LaVida Massage of Troy, MI is dedicated to providing outstanding relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, chair, corporate, couples and prenatal massages. Our therapists are skilled at performing a variety of skin care services including facials and peels. We also specialize in aromatherapy services for clients in the Troy area. We are centrally located near the intersection of Long Lake Rd. Livernois Rd. by Kroger.