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Save Your Skin With Sunless Tanner!

I know everyone wants that luminous J-LO glow and tan, especially in the summer months, but trust me… if it is not done properly and safely with lots of SPF it is not worth it! Now I’m not saying you have to be pasty white all year round, although some of us may choose to do so, I’m just saying that you should look into tanning alternatives. Sunless tanner or self tanner for example is a great way to receive that tropical island look without being attacked by harmful rays and without spending thousands of dollars!

Rid Yourself of Unwanted Toxins! Detoxing Your Body and Mind...

Detox… It is a word that we all hear pretty regularly these days. But what exactly is it? How and why do we detox? What is its purpose? When you think of detoxing you probably think of some crazy celebrity fad diet regime. While to some extent this may be true, detoxing isn’t just for shedding off those extra few pounds before your big premiere. There are a ton of other health benefits that most people don’t even realize!

Patch It Up With Natural Healing

Have you ever considered trying the patch? And no I’m not talking about smoking; I’m talking pain relief, better sleep, PMS/menopause relief and more! Who wouldn’t want that?! We’ve previously discussed the health benefits of aromatherapy, essential oils and of course massage therapy but how about trying another alternative that is incredibly helpful and easy to use. Natural Patches of Vermont offers you just that!

Massage Therapy Isn't Just For the Rich and Famous!

When you think of massage you probably think of relaxation, private islands, and fancy getaways right? Have you ever thought about the health benefits behind massage? Pain relief, arthritis and sports injuries are just a few of the many reasons thousands of people receive massage everyday. Health and Wellness is our main focus at LaVida Massage of Troy. We strive to gear our clients in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, starting with massage.

Aromatherapy: The Healing Power of Essential Oil

Aromatherapy... Even the name itself sounds relaxing! You probably already know that massage and aromatherapy go hand in hand, but what about the endless benefits behind all of those wonderful scents? Let’s take you through the different scents and introduce you to a whole new meaning of aromatherapy!
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