Get the Massage Therapy You Deserve Before the Holidays

Although the holidays are a wonderful time of year full of family and celebration, it can also cause a ton of stress. Planning parties, purchasing gifts, decorating, and dealing with the holiday rush can take a toll on your body and mind.

Our expert massage therapists will massage away all of the tension and stress that the holidays bring in order to get you back to your holiday tasks in a healthier, happier mood.

The Benefits

To reduce stress and keep your body healthy before the holidays, treat yourself to a massage therapy session. Getting a massage loosens up muscle tension in the body that can cause strains and aches. Most importantly, a good massage relieves stress, anxiety, and boosts your overall mood. A thorough body massage not only benefits your body, but also your mind.

Another effect of the stressful holidays is lack of sleep. You may find yourself struggling to sleep at night. Massage therapy will relax your body and mind, and will help improve your sleep conditions throughout the holidays.

You may also notice that during the holidays, you may feel anxiety or depression. This is usually caused by excessive stress. Massage therapy is a fantastic stress reliever and can reduce feelings of anxiousness and depression.

The Cold Weather

The holiday season also means that the weather will be much colder. Cold weather tends to tighten up our muscles, causing tension and tightness. When you feel tense, it sends signals of discomfort to the brain. Massage therapy is vital to loosen up those tight muscles and release all of that tension.

The LaVida Difference

You’ll be surprised how good you feel after a full body massage therapy session. Massages increase the circulation of blood in your body, normalizing body functions and relieving tension on nerves. The best part is, a good massage has lasting effects.

Our massage therapists are expertly trained and will focus on any special needs that you may have. Let our specialists know if you have a specific area of the body that bothers you, or if you are feeling excessively anxious or depressed, and we will use our knowledge of massage therapy to improve your condition for the holiday season.

To schedule your appointment with a certified therapist, contact LaVida Massage of Troy, MI today! 

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